Tests and Results





North East London NHS Foundation Trust (NELFT) delivers the Community and Domiciliary Phlebotomy (Blood Testing).

The sites the community service will be delivered from are:

  • Silverthorn Medical Centre, 2 Friars Close, E4 6UN
  • St James Medical Practice, 47 St James St, Walthamstow, London E17 7NH
  • Langthorne Health Centre, 13 Langthorne Rd, London, E11 4HX

Image of blood samples

Patients should note that they are no longer routinely available at Whipps Cross Hospital. 


When Are My Results Back?

Test results normally take about one week to return. All test results are seen by a doctor who assesses if they are normal or require further action. You can telephone for your results between 11am - 2pm and 4pm - 5pm on 0208 527 2563 if you would like to check about status of your results.

We cannot give test results to friends or relatives unless we have your written permission.


I Have Had A Blood Test Taken So What Happens Now?

Blood tests have to be sent away to a hospital laboratory for analysis. An NHS courier collects each day around 1pm. 


How Long Will I Have To Wait to Get My Result?

Most tests are analysed within 1 week, however, there are certain tests which require several weeks to be analysed.


How Do I Get My Result?

Every result is reviewed when it arrives back in the practice by one of our clinical team. As we receive a large number of test results, it is not possible for each individual to be contacted.

If your result indicates the need for urgent attention, we will of course contact you by number you provided us on records.

For all other results, the doctor will make a comment about any action that is required. If you contact the practice, the receptionist will be able to look up your test for you and tell you what the doctor’s comment has been, including any actions that we have taken or want you to take.

If your result is not back when you contact us you may be asked to phone back, usually within the next 24 hours, to allow time for the result to be reviewed.


What Happens Next?

If your result needs urgent action a doctor, nurse or receptionist will contact you by phone to discuss what action needs to be taken.

If your result needs action, but not urgently, the practice will ask you to contact Practice to book telephone appointment with Doctor/Nurse at convenient time for you to explain what action needs to be taken.

If no action is required the practice will not contact you but you are free to contact the practice to get your results. It is your responsibility to contact the practice if you would like to know about your results.

If you need to discuss your result with a doctor or nurse, please ask the receptionist to take a message for the doctor or nurse. They will either telephone you or you will be asked to make an appointment to see them.

It is very important that we hold an up-to-date telephone number for you. Please check with reception that we have right contact number for you as our preferred way of communication is by phone. 


How Can I Help?

It may be difficult to contact you during the day. If you have a mobile telephone number or an email address that you are happy for us to contact you on, please write your details on one of the forms at the reception desk and hand it into the reception. It is helpful to keep this information up-to-date.

Please note that results tests taken out with the practice will be returned to the requester, e.g hospital consultant.



When you are asked to submit a specimen it is important that you follow the below instructions to ensure it is processed: 

  • We cannot accept specimens unless they have been requested by a doctor or nurse.
  • All specimens must be delivered to the surgery by 12pm. 
  • Specimens should not be placed through the surgery letterbox. They must be handed into reception in the plastic bag.
  • Specimens cannot be stored – in order to ensure accurate results. Specimens must be handed into reception on the day the specimen is provided. 
  • Specimens which do not comply with the above criteria will not be tested.

We thank you for complying with the above as this allows us to provide you with the best level of service.


Explanation of Test Results

What happens when you have a blood or any kind of test done? How will I get my test results?

  1. When you see a Nurse or a Health Care Assistant for any test you will be asked to provide a mobile number or an e-mail address.
  2. We use this mobile number/e-mail address to send you a text message or an e-mail to inform you when the results have arrived and been processed.
  3. The messages you will usually be one of the following:
  • Your results are acceptable and there is nothing to worry about. means no further action required regarding your test, your results are acceptable for your condition.
  • Your results are back and we would like you to make a routine appointment with a doctor.- means that a follow-up appointment is required but it is not Urgent
  • There was a problem processing your results so please repeat your test.- means that e.g. the urine sample was leaking or the blood sample was accidentally disposed of by the Laboratory, there is no reason to worry when you receive this message but the sample needs to be repeated
  • Your blood results are back and we would like you to repeat your blood test in 2 or 6 ect weeks or months. Please book an appointment with a Nurse or Health Care Assistant.-means that a repetition of your tests is required in order to obtain a conclusive result.
  • On treatment, if symptoms persist please book an appointment for review.-means that you were given the correct medication which should clear any symptoms. In case you still have symptoms, please book a routine appointment with a doctor.
  • If you are still experiencing symptoms, please provide another urine sample so that we can obtain a conclusive results.- in some cases it is not possible to clearly interpret the sample so it is advisable to repeat the test
  • Your blood results are acceptable there is nothing to worry about. However your cholesterol levels are slightly elevated so please follow the enclosed low fat diet sheet.- means that your blood results are overall acceptable but your cholesterol levels are raised so the doctor advises you to follow a cholesterol lowering diet. In most cases you are asked to repeat your blood test in 6 months in order to check that you have been following the recommended diet.
  • You also might get a free text message regarding your particular test.- this is sent when none of the above general messages apply to you

4. In case you do not have a mobile number or a e-mail address, we will send you a letter only if further action is required e.g. follow-up appointment with a doctor or a test needs to be repeated.
5. This program that sends out messages has been created in order to inform our patients as quickly as possible of their test results. Please bear in mind that some tests take longer to be run by the Laboratory than others e.g. Testosterone tests, Chlamydia results, Nail Clippings ect.