GP Training Practice




Penrhyn Surgery is accredited to provide training for future General Practitioners (GPs)

Doctors who are undertaking further training to become GPs are referred to as GP registrars. They are fully qualified doctors who have undertaken their medical training and worked in hospital settings and are now undertaking specialist training in general practice.

We believe that achieving and maintaining training practice status enhances the quality of the medical care that we provide at the practice. It also enables patients to see a wider range of clinicians whilst allowing the surgery to benefit from the fresh ideas and approaches brought by young enthusiastic doctors. You can of course still elect to see your chosen regular doctor but sometimes this may require you to plan your appointment

Our GP Registrar(s) will consult patients under the supervision of our trainers, Dr Kayode Oremakinde and Dr Toyin Oremakinde. So you can expect to receive the same quality of service you will receive from your own GP.

In order for the GP Registrars to successfully complete their training they need to be assessed on their consulting skills. This is done by the appointed assessor’s viewing a video of the registrar’s consultations and you will be asked for your permission to have your consultation recorded in this way. If you agree, you will need to give your written permission and you will be offered a consent form to sign. You will always be asked in advance and are given the option not to take part, and this will not affect your care in any way. No recording will be taken without your consent and the camera will be switched off on request. These videos are used only for educational purposes with the doctor doing the consultation and are destroyed after use. Kindly refer to the Penrhyn Surgery policy for video recording of patient consultations available on the Penrhyn Surgery website.

You may be seen solely by a GP registrar or you may be seen with a GP registrar sitting in on your consultation with your GP. You may also have a telephone consultation with a GP registrar. However, as stated earlier all consultations are supervised by the trainers.

We hope you will welcome and encourage the GP registrar to our practice. There is a national shortage of GP’s and this is a positive process for the GP Registrar, the practice, the NHS and most importantly you, the patients. We are sure you will agree this is a good thing!